Are you planning to rent out your rental space? Then it’s high time to focus on creating an outstanding ad and spark engagement with your real estate listing!

With so many ads from competitors, you should find a way to stand out. You can achieve this with high-quality photos and vibrant property descriptions that encourage readers to schedule a property tour to learn more about your rental unit.

Read on to find the best tips for drafting a good property listing to attract renters when marketing your rentals. Here are ways to create effective property listings:

Use a Persuasive Opening Statement

Hooking readers right away delivers excellent results. To achieve this, you must draft ad copy containing great descriptions and a cohesive story that has an emotional impact on your target market.

You can easily grab a prospective tenant’s attention if your property description sounds right and offers clear sentence structure and powerful wording. Potential renters must be able to connect when they read your ad. Talk about the features and interesting details of your rental space at the beginning of the marketing copy to develop a strong interest.

Select the Right Words

Crafting an outstanding property listing is easier when you know the best features to highlight in your rental space. List your property’s attributes and use descriptive words to help the prospective tenant image themselves living in the property and benefit form these amenities.

hand on a laptop track pad with the screen open to marketing material

The right words can capture their interest and make your rental property appealing with its complete details. The best words promote engagement and cultivate emotional connection for prospective tenants. This can help move a prospect to reach out and inquire about the property's availability.

Write the Best Headlines

Inspiring the reader with well-crafted headlines leads to them reading the entire listing. Don’t forget to include the location and advertise the stellar feature of your unit.

Generally speaking, the headline should mention the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, square footage, location, and one desirable amenity. This tells the reader key, baseline information about the property that could prompt them to click on it and learn more.

Note that you should avoid using bold, all-caps, and exclamation points as much as you can. It can be distracting and annoy the readers looking at the marketing copy.

Highlight the Most Unique Features First

Does your rental home have a fireplace? Do you have wooden flooring or a granite countertop? Do your amenities include a pool and a walk-in closet? These are features that prospective occupants desire so mention them from the start.

These features can help separate your unit from others on the market so it pays to highlight them early on. Note the top amenities renters want and try to include them in your property listing.

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Include Essential Details but be Brief

Avoid overwhelming readers with too much information in the rental ads. Select which details are vital and limit your property ad to around 200 words or less. Otherwise, you risk renters not reading the listing all the way through.

So what details should you include?

  • Property address
  • Property size, including the number of bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Rental price
  • Amenities offered, such as parking and an in-house washer and dryer

If your rental is newly renovated, mention that in the ad. You should also mention any nearby attractions, proximity to the transportation hubs, schools, and shopping centers in the area in your listing. Location is crucial to renters so leave a description of your neighborhood or include some photos.

Weigh the Tone of Your Marketing Copy

A positive tone is more appealing so make sure you use the right language. Focus on the rental property’s best features but make sure not to lie about the state of the property.

For instance, though a rental unit may be small, those spaces can be cozy and easier to maintain. So highlight the benefits of living in a smaller space. If your outdoor space is limited, direct more of your attention towards promoting another area of the house, such as a balcony with an anise view or a newly renovated bathroom area.

newly renovated white bathroom with large bathtub and double vanity

Always consider the tone and keep things lively. At the same time, don’t go overboard to avoid building up unreasonable expectations. You don’t want to disappoint the prospective renters when they come for a property showing.

End with an Invitation

Ensure you have a powerful closing statement since this is where your final pitch is given. Your ending words are the last thing on the reader’s mind. That’s why most marketers include a Call-to-Action (CTA) at the bottom of the marketing copy.

When writing your call-to-action, make sure prospects know the best ways to reach out to you. Include your phone number and email at the end of the property description and respond to inquiries promptly when they come in.

Proofread Several Times

As the writer, it can be difficult to check the ad with a critical eye. You can have it reviewed by a property manager to ensure it’s compliant with state and local laws and free of grammatical errors. You also want to avoid being penalized for discriminatory language so ensure you’re aware of the Fair Housing Act.

Taking the time to review and edit the ad several times can lead to a powerful rental listing. Practice writing descriptions and be open to feedback from others.

Bottom Line

To encourage a sizeable pool of potential tenants to reach out to you, you must learn to create a solid property listing. Drafting engaging property descriptions and eye-catching headlines is a great way to limit vacancies in your rental space.

You can also hire a property manager to help you market your rental unit and create effective advertising ads for you. If need help managing your rental properties, contact Sun-Pro Realty and Management today!