In today's digital age, where prospective tenants often begin their property search online, a compelling video tour can make all the difference. Whether you own a single rental unit or manage multiple properties, understanding the nuances of filming can transform your online listings and significantly impact your rental success.

In this article, we'll delve into essential advertising and filming techniques, from choosing the right equipment and lighting to framing shots thoughtfully and editing your footage professionally. So, let's dive in!

Record in Landscape Mode

Recording in landscape mode is essential when filming a rental tour because it provides a wider and more comprehensive view of the property.

Landscape mode captures more of the surroundings, allowing viewers to see not only the interior but also the layout, features, and spatial relationships within the property. This wider view enhances the viewer's understanding of the property's flow and design, making it easier for them to envision themselves living in the space.

Additionally, landscape videos are more visually appealing and compatible with various screens, ensuring that the rental tour appears professional and engaging, which is crucial for attracting prospective tenants. For landlords, this approach maximizes the impact of their property listings, increasing the likelihood of finding suitable tenants and signing a lease agreement quickly.

Find Good Lighting


Good lighting is crucial when filming a rental tour. It significantly enhances the visual appeal of the property and provides viewers with a clear and detailed view of the space. Ample lighting not only brightens up the rooms but also highlights key features, textures, and colors, making the property more inviting and attractive to potential tenants.

Well-lit spaces appear larger, cleaner, and more welcoming, creating a positive first impression on viewers. Adequate lighting also ensures the camera captures sharp and vibrant images, allowing viewers to assess the property accurately. Dark or poorly lit areas can give the impression of neglect or hide important details, which might deter potential tenants.

Therefore, maintaining the property and investing in good lighting fixtures or utilizing natural light sources effectively is essential for landlords, as it not only showcases the property in the best possible way but also increases the chances of attracting interested renters.

Manage Audio While Filming

Managing audio effectively while filming is essential to provide viewers with a professional and engaging experience. Clear and high-quality audio ensures that viewers can hear descriptions and explanations without difficulty. It allows landlords to highlight specific details that might be missed in silent visuals, creating a more comprehensive understanding of the rental space.

Proper audio management involves using external microphones to reduce background noise, echoes, or muffled sounds, ensuring the narrator's voice is crisp and understandable. This attention to audio quality indicates professionalism, which can significantly impact potential tenants' perception of the property.


Frame Shots

Framing shots thoughtfully is indispensable when filming a rental tour, as it dictates how the property is presented to potential tenants. Proper framing ensures essential elements of each room or area are captured, allowing viewers to understand the layout and features.

A well-framed shot can highlight unique selling points such as spaciousness, architectural details, or scenic views, capturing the viewer's attention and imagination. Additionally, balanced and aesthetically pleasing compositions can make the video visually appealing, keeping viewers engaged throughout the tour.

Moreover, consistent framing provides a cohesive and professional look to the overall video, enhancing the landlord's credibility and the property's marketability. Careful framing also enables viewers to mentally place themselves within the space, aiding in their decision-making process.

Film Steadily

Maintaining steady hands while filming your rental tour is vital to produce high-quality, professional-looking videos. Shaky or unstable footage can be disorienting, making it difficult for potential tenants to assess the rental space accurately.

Steady hands ensure smooth camera movements and steady shots, highlighting the property's features in a coherent and visually pleasing manner. It also conveys a sense of professionalism, indicating the landlord has taken the time and effort to create a well-crafted presentation.

Additionally, stable footage is essential for creating a polished final edit, enabling seamless transitions between different rooms and areas within the property. For landlords, mastering the art of steady filming is essential to create a positive impression on viewers, enhancing the property's marketability, and increasing the likelihood of attracting interested tenants.

Edit the Video


Editing is crucial when filming a rental tour, as it allows landlords to refine and enhance the raw footage, creating a polished and compelling final presentation. Through editing, unnecessary or redundant content can be removed, ensuring the video is concise, focused, and engaging.

It enables landlords to highlight key features of the property, add informative captions or annotations, and incorporate background music to create a pleasant viewing experience. Editing also allows for the correction of any filming mistakes, ensuring the final video is professional and visually appealing.

Additionally, thoughtful editing can help create a storyline or flow, guiding viewers through the investment property in a logical and captivating manner.

Transitions between scenes can be made seamless, and special effects or graphics can be added to emphasize important details. Ultimately, editing plays a vital role in presenting the rental space in the best possible light, capturing the viewer's attention, and increasing the likelihood of attracting potential tenants by showcasing the property's unique selling points effectively.


Knowing how to film a great video tour of your rental property is a powerful skill to have. In today's fast-paced, digital-driven world, a visually appealing and informative video can be the key to attracting the right tenants.

By investing in quality equipment, understanding the importance of proper lighting, framing your shots thoughtfully, managing audio effectively, and embracing the editing process, you can create compelling video tours that leave a lasting impression.

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