Are you looking for the ideal investment option in the State of Florida? While there are many good options, Daytona Beach stands out. The area plays host to a number of exciting entertainment options that are available to the over 60,000 residents who call the area home.

However, for you to make the ideal investment, you may need to know specifics about the Daytona Beach area. Here are some of the best places to buy an investment property in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Pelican Bay

This is a gated community in Florida and is know for its golf courses and near by beaches. It’s located in the southern section of Daytona Beach and packed with amenity-rich activities like pools and tennis courts.

What makes Pelican Bay an ideal investment option is its wide range of property options. From condominiums and beachfront properties to luxury homes, all those and more are available. An investor can find a property that matches up to their financial capabilities and is in line with what their target demographic is looking for.

What’s more, the developments that can be put in the neighborhood have been pre-approved by the local council and associated authorities. This assures investors of sound structural frameworks and quality amenities. If you like a good property with a stunning ocean view, then this is ideal.

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Pelican Bay is also an ideal location because of its proximity to educational institutions, health facilities and places for leisure. For instance, the Daytona Flea and Farmers Market is just five minutes away from the neighborhood. Also, if you want to go shopping, you will have access to malls and supermarkets in just 15 to 20 minutes.

Indigo Lakes

Indigo Lakes is a well-established district, known for its quality schools. Families residing in this area will have opportunities to further their children’s education and brighten their futures. All levels are catered to and include schools like Atlantic High School and Daytona Beach. Indigo Lakes is also surrounded by vast amenities and popular tourist attractions.

The area is known for its quality amenities and facilities. A good example is the Indigo Lakes Golf Club. This is a beautiful place for golf and fishing. During the weekend, families can come and enjoy some sunshine and make some good memories. There is also a large variety of properties in the area meaning investors are spoiled for choice.

This neighborhood is preferred by families because of the size of the houses. Most of the homes are three to four-bedroomed houses. In addition, the homes often come with beautiful backyards, mature trees and a lively garden.

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The area's planning and organization help its residents quickly access shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, medical offices, clothing shops, and more making it an idea location. Indigo Lake is also closely located to Interstate 95. This means if you would like to venture to another city for one reason to another, you can make the short travel to Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando.


Mosaic is the newest neighborhood in this list of recommendations. The neighborhood is situated a few miles west of Interstate 95 and is known as a popular and friendly neighborhood. Families also like Mosaic as a residential area because it is held under a planned community called ICI homes.

Mosaic real estate was put up by two experienced professionals, Adley Homes and ICI Homes. However, not all homes are the same in design or fixtures. Property owners were able to choose a design from a range of plans and layouts. A walk down the streets of Mosaic will confirm to you the differences in architectural style and size.

The price for real estate in Mosaic also differs, depending on style, size and, potential renovations done on the property.

Are you looking to target families or those who may want to establish roots in Daytona Beach? Investing in Mosaic is a recommended option. There are some good educational institutions in the area, including Mainland High School, David Hinson Middle School, and Champion Elementary School.

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The area offers great quality of life and is also home to a sparkling lake that offers a scenic setting, which makes it the perfect place to stroll around. Other amenities are provided like restaurants, shops, and pharmacies.


If you are a golf-lover, you will love this neighborhood in Daytona Beach. The neighborhood is known for its excellent amenities and popular attractions. As a result of the quality amenities in close proximity, the real estate options in LPGA are a little more costly. That said, investors and their tenants have access to wonderful properties and amenities.

In addition to the golf courses, there is a beautiful clubhouse, driving range, and a practice facility in the neighborhood. The area is also ideal located offering easy access to neighbouring areas and a host of shops and restaurants.


As a property investor, Daytona Beach offers you a range of options. If you are looking to invest in the Daytona Beach real estate market, its recommended that you invest in Pelican Bay, Indigo Lakes, and Mosaic. If you need expert help for your real estate journey, put your trust in a trusted service provider like Sun-Pro Realty & Management.

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